Julie Kondor

Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic​​

Ever since childhood, Julie Kondor has been one with her natural surroundings. She would spend the whole day playing in nature, using all of her senses to explore her environment. During the morning, she would play in the morning rains and puddles, spend afternoons looking for four-leaf-clovers, dusk would come and she would lay still watching bats fly close overhead until the stars came out, listening to the peepers in the swamp.

Due to her enduring love for nature, she would grow up to be a successful zoologist and ethologist, earning a B.S. from the University of New Hampshire in 1996. From her early college years, she has worked closely with whales and dolphins in the field of marine biology within the platforms of research, education, ecotourism and mitigation. From sailing the high seas on research vessels with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to driving educational cart tours at The San Diego Zoo's Safari Park to creating an educational component in an ecotourism whale watching camp in Mexico where we pet wild, friendly whales everyday.... and everything in between, Julie has been living her passion of working with many types of animals all over the world. Throughout her extensive career, she has also been a professional pet sitter since her teen years, caring deeply for dogs, cats, exotic birds, chickens, snakes, lizards and fish while their parents travel.

With practice, passion and dedication, Julie has been able to fine tune her own intuition and our natural born abilities of meditation and telepathy to help create more connection, understanding and relationship building between humans and animals alike.

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ABOUT     Julie

Animal Communication
What a session with Julie looks like

"I want your pets to be heard and understood
to give their lives more meaning and enrichment
to be come better friends and citizens
to create more connection between species
to help foster more love and respect as different species, but also individuals...
because at the end of the day, what matters most are those we are closest to, the love we create and nurture together.
Love is all we can take with us from this earthly plane.
How much love did you create and share today?
All lives matter.
I want connections to be closer, deeper and allowing more love and understanding for all.

Do you want to be the best pet parent possible?" ~JULIE

Based of out San Diego, Julie is a world traveler, some times even working on ships at sea as a marine biologist. Because of her 'fluid' travels, her nomadic lifestyle as a pet sitter and that animal communication can be practiced anywhere with telepathy- Julie offers only long distance pet readings and healing reiki.

After confirmation of booking a session, a payment in full and 2-3 well-lit, full body photos of your pet are received, Julie is ready to have an in-depth, psychic conversation with your pet. She can have this conversation any time of day or night, wether your pet is alone or not.

The way Julie approaches the session is as a deep and honoring meditation, where she mentally and telepathically sits with your animal and dialogues with them. She is able to tell about their disposition, ask about their likes, dislikes, needs and desires, she brings up any questions and/or issues you may have and she does an intuitive scan of their bodies to check on any issues they may be experiencing. This process takes up to 30-40 minutes and is transcribed in the question and answer format.

Julie's main focus is to help foster a deeper connection and understanding for you and your pet family.  Wether you are having issues, wanting to learn more about how your pet feels or how you can be a the best pet parent possible, Julie wants to be your insightful guide connecting on newer and deeper levels.